#beatonstearooms: I is for...Individuali-tea

What value do you place on individuality?

As Coco Chanel put it “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” 

We truly admire individuality here, - indeed our unique ethos underpins our brand – which maintains it, but each tearooms has a unique and irreplaceable individuality.
In fact, each of our Tearooms chooses one of our core brand qualities that best reflects what they love about Beatons. They will have a special affinity with it which will be reflected in their own Beatons.As a brand, our core qualities are:Gracious Hospitality

  • Generous Value
  • Restorative Experience
  • Elegance
  • Attentiveness
  • Heart and Passion 

Beatons Tisbury is where this our story began; inspired by the life, elegance and iconic style of Sir Cecil Beaton. As our flagship tearooms, it’s unsurprising Tisbury chose ‘Elegance’ as the quality they most aspire to emulate and identify with.

 When the tearooms in the restoration town of Blandford opened, the quality that most aligned itself was 'restorative'. The team recognised that creating an environment for people in Blandford to feel restored was key. We received this lovely comment just recently from someone who had visited Beatons in Blandford for the first time: ‘I just left smiling inside and out, feeling so restored, almost like being at a spa.’ This certainly puts a smile on our faces!

The next tearooms to open belongs to franchisee Steve and his now wife Elaine, in Chester. The quality they most admire and identify with is 'gracious hospitality'. From day one Beatons Chester have been building on that core ‘ethos’ and creating for themselves a strong reputation for providing ‘gracious hospitality’ to all who visit.

Beatons Crowthorne in Berkshire have taken the quality of ‘Attentiveness’.  It certainly mirrors franchisee Paul Mitchell’s nature. Being a natural ‘people person’, Paul is both conscientious and caring towards his customers. He sets the standards high for his staff, resulting in a plethora of comments which refer to how friendly and attentive both the ambience and staff are.

As we grow each tearooms will choose their quality to focus on and be an exemplar of it.

Although you might not see any difference in the environment and styling of a Beatons from tearooms to tearooms – indeed we’re quite precious in ensuring our branding is absolutely consistent throughout the group – we’re proud that each of our tearooms has a core quality to make their own. We love hearing how they’re demonstrating these in their own individual ways through events and team training.