Petersfield knows its boundaries - and backs! Book Event Review

Victoria Lambert and Jennie Miller, co-authors of the groundbreaking new book, 'Boundaries - 'How to Draw the Line in Your Head, Heart and Home' shared insights with a rapt audience at Beatons Petersfield on Friday, 16th March 2018. 

Guests included a lovely group of three osteopaths and a kinesiologist from Nurture Your Health in Froxfield, Petersfield - no doubt experts at sensing the boundaries of their clients!

The video shows Victoria and Jennie explaining how right from the outset they 'walked their talk' in setting clear boundaries in the writing of the book, which took three years from idea to printed copy. 

Beatons Petersfield Boundaries Book Event - Enthusiastic Audience
Three Osteopaths and a Kinesiologist
Guests at Boundaries Book Talk at Beatons Petersfield
It was an interactive talk - always the best - and certainly dispelled the myth that boundaries need be hard and aggressive. Indeed, Jennie described them as 'healthy, wholesome and soft...' using
the skin as a lovely analogy.

A full book review will appear once I've devoured my copy, in my own time. However, judging from numerous reviews and comments from guests who had already purchased a copy you would be well placed to simply pop into Beatons Petersfield, buy Boundaries and start reading, especially if you finding saying 'no' difficult!

Beatons Petersfield Book Signing by duo who know their boundaries!

Come along to Beatons Petersfield this Friday - 16th March 2018 to hear from the co-authors of the newly published 'Boundaries: How to Draw the Lines in Your Head, Heart and Home'.

Victoria Lambert and Jennie Miller will be giving a talk and signing copies at 3 pm - a real tonic for all who are looking to create a wholesome work/life balance in a world ever more demanding.

The event is free but seating is limited so arrive in plenty of time to secure your spot and your pot!

The only boundaries we'd suggest removing for the afternoon are your waistbands.  It's a perfect occasion for a piece of gluten-free cake or a Cream Tea.

Inside Job at Beatons New Milton!

Here's a peek behind the scenes at what will be Beatons Tearooms New Milton! We have a great local builder and it's all systems go, although all systems 'snow' did cost us a couple of days... 
Beatons New Milton Builder on Stilts
Did you know builders need circus skills
these days?! 

However, we're still looking at an early to mid-April opening. Look out for details in April's edition of the New Milton Mail, The Bugle and The Mercury as well as details on - both great community assets we've found.  And thanks too, to The Bournemouth Echo for a lovely piece introducing Angela, our Tearooms Owner.

But it's pictures which tell a thousand words - so check out the joys of a Beatons Tearooms shop-fit!

Not a patch of signature Beatons Tearooms Pink to be seen except in this text..

... yet!

Here, Colin our lovely builder and his colleague look at the timeline on Founder, Patrick's, laptop. Serious focus and attentiveness.

We raise a cup of Beatons' brew to them - good strong loose leaf tea - check out what other teas you'll be able to taste here

Mothers Day Poem You Can Use!

Is Your Mum a Sheep?  Or a fox? 
Here are some verses you're welcome to use to add a unique and personal touch to your Mother's Day card as I've waived copyright on them. If you want to copy the words out, pop into any Beatons and you'll find it printed in the March Bulletin or e-mail me direct at

Liz Darcy Jones
Beatons House Poet