VW Campervan Charms Tisbury Children

Author Rachel Jane and VW at Beatons Tearooms Tisbury 
Monday 20th August saw a packed Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop Tisbury welcoming a very special VW Campervan to the tearooms! The free storytelling session - part of Beatons ‘Boredom Busting August’ - had adults as well as a children wanting to set off on adventures in a campervan which comes to life as 'Milo' in debut writer Rachel Jane’s first book - ‘Milo Goes to the Seaside’. Rachel arrived in the real life 'Milo'!

Children enjoyed ice creams and adults sipped on more sophisticated sparkling kombucha or iced tea listening to the charming rhyme.They were then invited to inspect Milo (encouraging them back out again proving quite challenging!) Although written for the under fives it was heartening to see the adults enjoying the story too, including a couple of lady VW Campervan fans who'd made a special journey to see Milo and get their books signed...  

Rachel Jane’s Bath based parents love VW Campervans – to the extent they have a business renting them out. Each has its own character and gets and adopted name, which sparked Rachel’s imagination. Stories began to emerge and - with encouragement from family and friends - a series has been born. 

This was Beatons Tisbury’s first event for children, part of a raft of new offerings and events in its continual drive to ensure every person feels like a ‘Distinguished Guest’ whether they’re five or eighty-five!

Rachel's final appearance and storytelling session is at Beatons Crowthorne at 4 pm on Wednesday 29th August. 

Further info and high res images available on request to Emily Hoskins Jones, emily@beatonstearooms.co.uk on 01747 871 819 (opt 2.)

Tea of The Month: Malibu Dream

The tastes of coconut, pineapple and rosehip combine to create this holiday-flavoured fruit tea packed with amino acids for optimal protein absorption. Coconut is one of those tooth-friendly foods too - it's full of threonine which not only supports healthy tooth enamel but speeds up wound healing. But putting healthy benefits aside...

This is a tea that's a drink in disguise -
A cocktail, a summer delight for your eyes
A caffeine free mix - a pina colada
Which steeps you in summer and fuels your ardour!

Ever tried an iced tea? This is the moment since Malibu Dream delivers an alcohol-free pina colada to your table - anytime!

Why not try it with a piece of shortbread or Gluten and dairy-free polenta cake to put you in the holiday mood?  And don't forget to have a browse on the bookshelves for some equally tasting reading!

X is for eXtra Special...

At Beatons, we celebrate all things British; the elegance, our heritage and our traditions. One tradition that have embraced to its fullest, is the Afternoon High Tea; from what from we serve, to our service.  If you're familiar with our menu you’ll be aware our Teas consist of delicious home-made cakes, warm scones with jam and clotted cream and a selection of freshly prepared finger sandwiches; but we believe you deserve more! As of now we're launching our brand-new Afternoon High Teas – The Ascot and The Windsor.

Steeping in elegance and luxuriousness, The Ascot truly captures the best of being British; with exclusive finely crafted cakes - including our signature carrot cake, our renowned scones and both finger and open sandwiches. It's presented purely on our black and white china, as a nod to Cecil Beaton and his glorious costumes and stage set for the race scene in My Fair Lady. From the moment you sit down we hope you'll be captivated by the grandeur and finesse of The Ascot. Including a pre-tea appetizer and an exclusive tea list, this High Tea was designed to not only please your taste buds but to provide you with a memorable experience; perfect for a special occasion. 

''Very tempting and has a certain character... it's rather magnetic!'' Jenny, Beatons Tisbury 
As much we’d like to share the glorious details of this High Tea, we think it’s best not to ruin the surprise and for you to find out what treats await you. Due to the preparation involved in delivering The Ascot, it is available on a pre-booking basis. Please book by 4pm the day before; this way, we know you’ll be receiving the very best.  

Alongside The Ascot is The Windsor, the classic Afternoon High Tea but with a Beatons twist. Available every day in our tearooms, it Includes a selection of home-made cakes, warm scones with jam and cream, mini quiches and finger sandwiches; allowing you to experience English elegance any time you please. Free top-ups of your tea are also available. Like our previous option The Ashcombe, this is the perfect sharing High Tea, so whether your appetite is big or small, you can still enjoy it.  

To cater for as many customers as possible, both our Ascot and Windsor teas are available gluten free and can be made suitable for vegetarians. 

So why not treat yourself to one of our decadent High Teas next time you’re in? Whether you’re celebrating something special, treating a friend or fancy some 'me time' on Sunday afternoon, we’d be honoured to welcome you 

                                                                                                                     - Emily Hoskins Jones