Calling Young Distinguished Knights and Maidens to New Milton!

Call House Poet Liz
on 07940 584752 for more details

Would you like to help lonely older people in the New Forest?

Would you like to do something we don't think any other tearooms in the world has ever done?

Like to become a Beatons Distinguished Knight or Maiden?!

You can! Join the first ever one-off Beatons 'mini-choir' to perform at our Charity Open House Event on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May.

  • Come to a 30 minute REHEARSAL on Sunday 6th May at Beatons New Milton at 4.15 pm
  • Arrive at 3.45 pm at Beatons New Milton on Monday 7th May to PERFORM at 4.15 pm 

Suitable for?
Children between the ages of 4 and 10 are welcome.

What will we sing?
A specially adapted 'Beatons New Milton' version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star [with actions for keen under 5s].

We'd really appreciate your help and of course there will be something sweet to eat and fizzy to drink to say thank you - along with a special sticker or badge to show you've become a 'Beatons Distinguished Knight or Maiden'!

Note: In the past we've found a school to assist us in our charity launch songs - see a video of Churcher's College singing for us here. We'd love to make a bit of history and give any child from any school a chance to help their community and enjoy our gracious hospitality at the same time.

Unforgettable Reviewers Afternoon Tea

Front of House Beatons New Milton
Andrea (left) did us proud!
The tea was unforgettably delicious and the company  so good that your House Poet utterly forgot her duties and didn't take any photographs!
Ben, who’s probably best described as Head of Food Design from ‘Beatons Central’ presented almost every cake our tearooms offer, and as always, the lightness of the scones got a special mention [its one of those secret recipes.]
Angela and I thank Gary and Sally Prince, Alan and Jean Watson and Neil and Betty Tungate for being so appreciative and diving into the tea experience – especially Alan who tasted his first ‘Dong Ding’ oolong (and is not normally a tea drinker!)
Andrea did a beautiful job of looking after everyone and we definitely did prove one thing – great engagement isn’t about having a mobile device in your hand!

However, if you're reading this you may well be wondering what a Beatons Afternoon Tea does look like? Well here's the best image we can rustle up.

Do you know you can have the full Afternoon Tea experience at Beatons New Milton (and all our other tearooms) on a Sunday Afternoon?  It's the very best time to relax and restore for the week ahead. Best to book and then all this 'could be yours...'

Liz Darcy Jones, House Poet and Definitely Not House Photographer!

Celebrating New Milton's Community at 6th Beatons Tearooms Christening!

Founder Patrick Duffy, Mrs Susie Rice-Mundy, Mayor Rice-Mundy,
Franchise Business Owner Angela Thorn and partner Tony Fascione 

On Wednesday 18th April 2018 the sun shone all day long as if it had come out specially to celebrate the launch of our latest tearooms: Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop New Milton.

Angela Thorn, a very proud Franchise Business Owner, hosted an evening SoirĂ©e for all those who contribute to New Milton's thriving community.  Guest of Honour The Town Mayor of New Milton - Councillor David Rice-Mundy, with his wife Susie were the first to arrive and the last to leave - great dedication to duty!

Representatives from Beatons New Milton's Charity of the Year, Helping Older People New Forest, were present (and the donation box is on its way to being full). It was also great to see a New Milton's children's writer Monica Fulford and meet Adam who runs New Forest Writer's Group.
New Milton Councillors Neil Tungate and Steve Clarke

Oh yes, and the guests heard the first recitation of the Beatons New Milton Poem, honouring the town.  You can have a listen here.

But the pictures tell the tale better than words! Thank you to everyone who came, ate, drank, talked and to Angela and her team who christened their tearooms with joy and attentiveness. May the sun continue to shine on

Founder Patrick Duffy, House Poet Liz Darcy-Jones and Sam Lowings

Angela and Team all ready for the opening

Brockenhurst College's Melina Brothers and Angela Thorn

Local Artist Susan Houching and Brenda Farrell

Beatons Tearooms New Milton Poem has its first recitation!

It got a fabulous round of applause which warmed my poet's cockles!  The Beatons Tearooms New Milton Poem is - like every poem for each of our tearooms - available as a free postcard.  You can't read it online as poetry's best heard or read from a book (or postcard!) 

Enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed writing it.

P.S. A special thanks to Pauline from Flower Vogue New Milton who was one of the many traders who gave me the refrain, 'New Milton? It's got everything'!

New Milton Raising Money and Raising the Roof for Children's Author Rob Stevens!

Beatons New Milton announces its first Charity of the Year event in aid of Helping Older People New Forest through celebrating a new children's book by New Milton author, Rob Stevens - 'Lucky Break'. For young and grown up 'children' enjoy exploring your newest tearooms and bookshop in town and meeting British Airways Captain, Rob who picks up a pen the moment he lands. 

Although we didn't choose to serve carrot cake deliberately, its the perfect accompaniment for the writer among whose best-selling titles includes: 'Would the Real Stanley Carrot Please Stand Up?'

Our doors open at 4 pm for a fun fundraising competition to win Afternoon Tea for 4 (!) plus 2 sets of Cream Teas for 2, too. Add to that a taste of Rob's new book, a one-off performance by Beatons' very own 'mini-choir' of a specially written song. Enjoy free samples of our famously delicious carrot cake, scones and jam served with Beatons New Milton's House Tea and you've got a very special welcome from tearooms owner, Angela and her team to the New Milton community.

Look out for our posters appearing around town over the next fortnight!

First come, first seated!

Tea of The Month: Delicate with a strong body

Tea of The Month 

What is it?

Jasmine Blossom 

This green tea has all the flavor, aroma and great qualities you would expect from one of the most highly prized teas in China. The secret is high quality green tea and fine Jasmine Blossoms which only bloom in May when they produce the most intense aroma. For such a delicate tea is still has a surprisingly strong body which finished with a refreshing and quite special floral flavour. 

''Jasmine travels round your mouth before she takes your taste-buds south and makes your senses gently glow in places only you would know.

Velvet tea for Grown Up Girls whose conversation slowly swirls and turns into a nom de plume for Jasmine's full and rich perfume''

Jasmine Blossom - a heavenly scented green tea which dances on your palate and will make you feel renewed and uplifted through and through! 

Why don't you come on in to one of the tearooms to give this delicious tea a try?

Beatonsbod: Angela, New Milton's Hummingbird

What's your role and what do you like best about your job?

I'm the newest Franchise Business Owner of Beatons New Milton. I love that I get to connect with people from all walks of life and strive to make people happy as it makes me feel purposeful. There is nothing more rewarding than this.

What's your favorite drink or edible from our menu?

There are over 30 varieties of loose-lead teas, but my favourite has to be Jasmine Blossom served up with a delicious slice of (my favourite) Carrot Cake. It puts a smile on my face and gives me a warm, nurtured feeling.

And how about your favourite book from our shelves?

As a professional therapist, I have read many books, mainly about alternative, complementary health and wellbeing. I also love reading about the Native Americans, and particularly enjoyed about called ''Women who run with the wolves''.

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means most to you and why?

At Beatons you are always made to feel very welcome and I love the way the tearooms deliver ''Gracious Hospitality''. We live in a fast-paced world these days and Beatons encourages you to slow down and relax, and leaves you feeling restored again. 

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I'd be a Hummingbird. ''Always actively seeking the sweetest nectar''. I always endeavor to choose to seek out the good in life, whilst knowing the ''sweetest nectar'' is within. I am playful, adaptable, optimistic and joyful. 

Beatons New Milton: born from heart and passion

Beatons New Milton - my Beatons - is now open! What a joy to see my mother's legacy turn into a living tearooms I know she would have delighted to be in! To find us, head straight from the Station down the main Station Road and we're a short way down on the left-hand side - look out for the Beatons pink 'A-Board' outside. Seven days a week you'll find me and my enthusiastic team bringing 'elegance to your table' in our stunning Sir Cecil Beaton inspired tearooms.

Please bear with us if we're a little slower than we would like over our first few days  - the team and I will be making friends with all the new equipment and processes to ensure you receive delicious food and drinks served 'The Beatons Way'.

Our house blend of loose-leaf tea is the fragrant and full of Spring green tea - 'Jasmine Blossom'. There are also over thirty others to choose from. Why not pop in and order a pot, along with a large slice of our signature Carrot Cake or award-winning Banana and Coffee Cake if you're gluten free?
What will you find inside? A welcome full of 'heart and passion' (the Beatons quality I've chosen as my particular favourite), table service and a menu which changes throughout the day - from 'break-feast' to Afternoon Tea with everything in between. And for those with special dietary preferences just ask for our 'Elegant Options' menu which we've created specially for you. We even do a gluten-free Afternoon Tea. 

For book-lovers who have been long awaiting a bookshop in New Milton, you'll also discover we have a small but an enticing selection of new books to purchase. We hope these will feed your mind, and possibly solve a present-buying dilemma.

Naturally, we have free wi-fi, an immaculate washroom and of course the morning paper. 

Please be curious, come in and introduce yourself to us - we can't wait to get to know our local community better. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Full contact and location details here.

Angela, Beatons New Milton

The Easiest Way to Learn the History of Tea!

Dedicated to our new Tea Ambassador, Harry McGookin, our House Poet's recording of her longest poem to-date (an epic is brewing we understand) here's a short history of tea in rhyme!

When Liz's book, 'Distinguished Leaves' had its charity launch (she shares our spirit of giving) at the Savoy, the entire audience chanted the chorus. And Nigel Havers had  'his poem' - Earl Grey - read to him too.

See if the rhythm gets your feet tapping and dare to join in with the refrain 'brewing up a steaming cup of loose leaf tea!'  Somewhere at a Beatons in the Wiltshire countryside someone else is also chanting it under his breath as he wonders at the remarkable story that is 'tea'...

T is for Harry!

Harry - ugh? Yes. ‘T’ − or rather ‘Tea’ − is for Harry McGookin, Manager of Beatons Tisbury who has been with the group from the start and who is now Beatons Group Tea Ambassador. Harry jumped at the opportunity to augment his knowledge and take on this additional role. He has travelled the length and breadth of the country to learn more about the world’s favourite beverage.

Now steeped (!) in the finer points of the art of tea, expect to see Tea Tastings as a new ‘extra−curricular’ event in your local Beatons. Harry looks forward to sharing with you ‘a wonderful world of flavour, culture and nature!’ (tea expert Tim D’Offay).

Harry is already used to delivering ‘mini−tastings’ to our FBOs (Franchise Business Owners). At the end of their first training session at ‘Beatons Central’, our head office, a pleasurable end to the day is to pop down to the Tisbury tearooms to choose their tearooms’ house blend. 

You might think this is a tricky challenge given we have over thirty teas to choose from! However, one or other particular tea always seems to ‘speak’ personally to the future tearooms owner and say,
Always shy - but proud Tea Ambassador
‘I’m yours’. Why? Sometimes because of the name, as it was for Steve and Elaine in Chester who were amazed to find there was a tea called ‘Dong Ding’ – perfect for their tearooms sitting next door to Chester Cathedral’s Bell Tower. Or it might be the taste, as it was for Fifi in Petersfield who chose ‘The Duchess Earl Grey’ after recognising the unique taste of the lemon pieces, an everyday ingredient in Persian cooking and reminding her of her roots.

As you’d expect, our tearooms owners and their teams enjoy full training in the art of tea – ‘Camellia Sinsensis’ −  before their tearooms even open for business. You may not be aware, but not only does the amount of time which your tea needs to brew to perfection differ from blend to blend, but the water temperature is important as well.

Tea Tips! White and green teas don’t like their water boiling fast, unlike black teas which prefer it. So if you’ve ever brewed green tea at home and found it bitter, it’s probably nothing to do with the tea and everything with the water being too hot!

What would you choose as your favourite Beatons blend? Remember our Tea of the Month costs a little less too.

Why not tickle your tea taste-buds with something new?