Beatons Petersfield: Big Give Christmas Challenge with Fitzroy

As you may know, each one of our locations chooses to a local charity to support when they first open. When Beatons Petersfield first opened, they chose to work with Fitzroy, a charity driven to help transform lives by supporting people with learning disabilities to do the simple things that make a real difference to their every day life. 
Fitzroy has  taken a great opportunity to be involved again in this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge, where every penny raised is doubled. To get the match funding they have only one week to raise £10,000, which the Big Give will then double.  

Fitzroy have been embracing technology and how it is transforming the lives of people with learning disabilities in some really special ways. The difference that something as simple as an iPad and a really great communications app can make is astonishing and wonderful. With the money raised, they will buy iPads and an unlimited licence to a really good communications app. Many of the people they support aren’t able to communicate verbally and they can feel incredibly isolated and out of control of their own lives. 

An amazing app called MyChoicePad uses 4000 Makaton signs and pictures to help people express their thoughts and feelings. This means they are able to have meaningful two-way conversations with the people who are important to them. Fitzroy have been trialling iPads in our services and have seen some remarkable results. One woman called Bex at their Malvern service was able to use the app to say ‘mum’ for the first time. You can read more about her story here.

If we can reach our target we will be able to help more people like Bex to be understood and heard. This link is where donations can

be made once the campaign launches Please share it! The Big Give starts at midday on Tuesday 27th November until midday on 4th December. Donations can only be made between these dates.

Tea of The Month: Kuchipudi Masala Chai Tea

Our tea of the month is always a little easier on your purse and usually has great benefits.

A great anti-inflammatory, immune strengthening and revitalising chai. Take a sip and South Indian spices will dance across your tongue, boosted by this robust black tea. Cardamom and ginger play a lively part in our Masala Chai, which tastes lovely with or without milk and sugar; ensuring it’s a rich, sweet and smooth choice.

What to have it with?

When you add the revitalising effects of caffeine and discover that it improves digestion it’s unsurprising to hear that even Olympic athletes resort to the drink as a pick-me-up. Perfect to start a autumn eating campaign, order today and let us know that you think!

Meet November's Beatons Bod...Holly!

Each month we dedicate a section of our monthly Bulletin to a new member of staff, our Beatons Bod. We like to do this as it introduces them to you, our customers and we all get to find out a bit more about them. This months Beatons Bod, is Holly a new member of the team in our Blandford location. 

Beatons ‘Bod’ for November

What's your role and what do you like best about your job?
I am a waitress and I love to make people happy. I enjoy learning to make cups of coffee and all the different teas. I also enjoy the rest of the team I work with. I believe we all work well together and get along, so that makes the day and service run better.

What's your favourite drink or edible from our menu?
My favourite drink is an iced latte, and the prawn mayo sandwiches are the best!

And how about your favourite book from our shelves?  
The King’s Panto is my favourite book because my young daughter loves it very much.

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means the most you and why?
I like the way customers are treated with lots of thought and respect. They come first and I love seeing them smile because we gave them good service. 

Finally, if you were an animal, what would you be?  
I would be a kitten, cute, fluffy and friendly.   

                                                                                                                  Emily Hoskins Jones
                                                                                                                 Engagement Quartermaster 

Z is for Zillions...

What is a zillion? According to my old Concise Oxford Dictionary it’s an ‘indefinite large number’! That means I can safely say there are a zillion different events which are available to you, our ‘Distinguished Guests’ and local community. 

While you’ve been enjoying our new menu (thanks for all the positive feedback!) and 5* new Afternoon Teas, the team at Beatons Central have been refining our menu of events to extend the ways we provide you and the community with a restorative experience, gracious hospitality and generous value. 

What’s on the menu? 

· Patrons Occasions 

  - Birthdays, Births, Bridal, Anniversaries, Graduations and Retirements

 We regularly see customers come in who are celebrating a special occasion. We’re always happy to reserve a table (or four!) and make these occasions extra special and – if the group is very large – allocate a special area for your ‘do’. We have some easy ‘group’ options too!  

Although subject to each Tearooms’ discretion, extending our hours so you can enjoy a private early evening event with all the Beatons’ trimmings is also a possibility. Just ask if you have something special in mind.

- Private Book Launches 

Usually held between 6 and 7.30 pm, Beatons is the perfect place for drinks and canap├ęs to celebrate the publication of your new book with the bookshelves and your book in the background! 

- Wakes 
When one of our regular customers or friends suffers a bereavement we may be able to accommodate their wake – 4pm onwards, weekdays only and subject to availability. It’s an honour to be able to do this for those we know in a friendly, dignified and restorative way.

      ·  Home for Your Club or Networking Group 
We’re ‘home’ already for a number of different groups, for instance, a mid-morning Carers Group at Beatons Tisbury. We can provide a great networking breakfast, or regular space for your reading or craft group.
     · Masterclasses and Workshops 
From January you will be able to learn about the world of tea which ends up on our shelves. Tea Ambassador, Harry McGookin, is preparing a fascinating Masterclass as a first introduction to tea for those less familiar with the terms ‘terroir’, oolong and the many rainbow shades, and how to brew them to perfection! Please flag your interest with your local Tearooms Owner or ‘gather some friends’ as we will need a minimum of 6 signed up to run them.  

Would you like to host an evening Workshop or Masterclass for up to 12 in your local Beatons? We’d particularly like to hear from you if you can offer photography, hat-making or floristry Masterclasses and are looking for an elegant environment, our classic Beatons Brew blend, filter coffee and soft drinks and cake, too, if you wish!   

P.S. Z is also for Zest and Zeal which are definitely two of the ingredients in the Beaton Team’s magic.  

                                                                                                       Liz Darcy Jones, Book Ambassador