Offer: Rainy Day Tisbury

It's our way of adding a touch of weather-sensitive 'gracious hospitality' to Tisbury.

When our team declares 'Rainy Day Tisbury' (#rainydaytis on twitter) the Beatons Flag is raised by a volunteer who braves the showers to hoist it! We also tweet our announcement.

What does that mean to you? There's a FREE teacake waiting for you when you order your cup of tea or coffee.

We hope it brings a bit of sparkle to rain-filled days.

#Tisbury: Seen us on Twitter? Meet our House Poet

Friday 21st February  from 3.30 pm ... A ‘House Poet’ special invitation to meet local twitter friends to enjoy some live interaction in the shape of tea and talk at my third ‘home’ down in the charming village of Tisbury. Entertainment free, tea and cake down to you.