#beatonstearooms: Celebrates World Poetry Day every March!

Here at 'Beatons Central' (our HQ) we believe poetry belongs everywhere, including the business environment. Poetry is part of our brand and we raise a cup of our finest loose leaf tea to all UK poets celebrating World Poetry Day.

As well as a poem postcard being commissioned for each location we launch a new tearooms in, every new Franchise Business Owner is presented with a copy of  'Distinguished Leaves: Poems for tea-lovers' so they can get to know their teas and (possibly for some) discover poetry can be fun and inspiring! Written by our House Poet and Non-Executive Director, Liz Darcy Jones - who also happens to be a Tea Poet -  it's a delightful book which brings the characters of different teas to life in a most poetic way.

Take a look at this commissioned poem below also by Liz. It is functional! We use it to seek out initial interest from potential franchisees to join Beatons in the next step of their success story.

Could You Be Our Cecil?

Are you our Cecilia? Or could you be our Cecil?
Name and gender? Irrelevant, but don't stay nestled
fast asleep in dreams of elegant spaces where you'd serve high tea
Wake up! Today is full of opportunity...

At Beatons, books, tea, coffee, calm and carrot cake
give the best of everything guests take their time and pleasure
while we enable you to serve with grace the kind of customers we all treasure
Beatons offer you their brand of care and expertise
benefitting you as Beatons franchisees

Are you our Cecil, friend of Cha and teabud Ms Camellia?
Is being organised a joy, and serving cake to rival Delia?
then, like Beaton make your mark and set yourself apart
from creatures of the commonplace, align yourself with those who value art
do you want a business that not only makes you money but warms your heart and satisfies the rumble in your tummy?
Join Beatons' founder - Patrick - help the British economy
make serving a profession! Are you nodding Cecil, smiling Cecily?
Perhaps you are our kind of franchisee?

Reproduced courtesy of the author
Copyright © 2013 Elizabeth Darcy Jones

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