Celebrating Fathers Day, the Beatons Way

Fathers Day is creeping around the corner, and one can often find themselves thinking what should we do to celebrate or what present should I buy? But I believe that though the materialistic aspects are nice, they detract from what the purpose and the intent of the day really is - remembering and cherishing your loved one.

With materialistic items so easy to reach nowadays, I feel the thoughtfulness behind the gift vanishes. Of course, yes it's lovely to receive something but if it wasn't given with love and care, is it as special? For me, time is something that is very underrated. Spending quality time with a loved one and giving them your undivided attention says more about how you care for them (something we're very proud of in our tearooms), than a generic gift that they may never use. Fathers Day should be a day where you take the time to remember and cherish all of the things about your loved one, not only who can buy the best present. With everything going on in day-to-day life it's very easy to forget about the people closest to you and what they bring to your life. Take this day and every other day to treat them, make them feel special and just be with them. The gift of time creates memories, it creates a bond between people and whether you are spending it at home watching the telly, playing a game or even visiting one of our tearooms, the memories created will leave a far stronger mark in your loved one's mind, than anything else.

Happy Fathers Day.

                                                                         - Emily, Engagement Quartermaster 

Being Green at Beatons

It's 2018 and now more than ever the question of 'am I being green enough?' is on everybody's minds, including ours. Being 100% environmentally friendly can be incredibly difficult, especially when you're an independent business, however, we believe that any change is a good change.

Although our take-away cups (though are mostly made from paper) are not yet bio degradable (this is something we are looking into as well as, reducing our plastic waste and increasing our paper use), we do work with The Green Earth Appeal – a not-for-profit social enterprise, via our cup suppliers Printed Cup Company. For every cup we order we pay the Green Earth Appeal to plant 5 young trees which will replace the paper used in the manufacturing of our cups. This is also something our coffee supplier, 918 Coffee Co. Are involved in a well and plants 10 new fruit trees for every new customer order. They are also the only company to have a unique solution to coffee waste, including coffee grounds collection and recycling. Whilst planting trees may seem like a simple solution to a massive global problem, this one action can lessen the impact of global warming and enhance biodiversity.  

Tea of The Month: A Chinese tea with lightly sweet floral tones...

What is it?

White Peony

Also known as Pai Mu Tan or Bai Mu Dan, White Peony is a sweet, mild Chinese tea made from unopened tea buds, as well as one or two of the newest leaves that sprout.  White Peony  Tea has a refreshing yet mellow and almost earthy flavour with highlights of a lightly sweet and smooth floral tone. Although not a caffeine free tea, this tea is still very beneficial to us as it contains very high levels of antioxidants, great for cleansing our system.

the silver of the dawn is rising in my chest
allowing each new bud (unborn and sweet)-
that's picked before the sun moves west
before the pickers dare to stop and eat-
to purify my mind, my heart, my blood
so when I meet the day I’m at my best

If you are trying to be healthier this month why not pair it with something off our Elegant Options menu?