#beatonstearooms: Spring 2017 Events

Friday 21st April Evening Dinner at Beatons from 7pm 
2 course including coffee £19 pp
3 course including coffee £24 pp
Menu available in the Tearoom or email blandford@beatonstearooms.co.uk

Advance bookings only.

Friday, April 28th 3C’s Networking Breakfast 8:30am- 9:30am.For info go to www.lizdarcyjones.com

Sunday May 7th 4.30pm Book event with author Stephen Deutsch.
Tickets are £6.50 includes a cream Tea.
To Book visit the tearooms, or give us a call. 01258 269515

Tuesday April 18th 8:30am- 9:30am 3C’s Networking Breakfast. For more info go to www.lizdarcyjones.com/events

Monday April 3rd Poetry Breakfast Club, 9.30 am

Tuesday April 11th Book Club 10 am

For more info email beatonschester@beatonstearooms.co.uk or give them a call on 01244 950761

#tea British National Tea Day

Did you know?

The official National Tea Day party takes place at Kensington Roof Gardens in London on the 21st of April.

We didn’t want this day to go by with out us mentioning it and encouraging all of you to try something new at our Tearooms.

We know it’s easy to stick with what you know you like...but the 21st of April is the perfect day to be adventurous try something to-tea-lly different!

Go fruity with our Malibu Dream or smoky with our Lapsang Souchong, or add a bit of spice to your life with our Kuchipudi Masala Chai Tea, we have over 30 different Teas to try  so don’t be shy!

If you use twitter, Facebook or Instagram use the #nationalteaday to take part. We will be tweeting, so you should too, let us know what amazing new tea you have tried, or post a photo. 

Remember to tag us with @beatonstearooms.

#beatonsbod: Charles - a cool Blandford cat

Beatons Bod: Charles Collins

What's your role and what do you like best about your job?
Hi, I’m Charles, I work as a waiter in Blandford over the weekends. I have only just started working here and am enjoying learning to provide great service to customers and work well with the rest of the lovely Blandford team!

What's your favorite drink or edible from our menu?
I love the Italian hot chocolate, I have a sweet tooth and always have enough room for this delicious ‘desert-like’ drink! -not forgetting the cream on top too!
The Croque Madame is a wonderful creation and Beatons certainly do it justice, what's not to like about this dish? It’s not too large if you’re after a light lunch, but you can always order the Grande Monsieur if you’re feeling extra hungry! The soups are a close second though, I love all the different options we serve here.

And how about your favourite book from our shelves?
Although I am not a big reader, my passion is films and the making and directing of them. I have found it interesting looking through the books we stock about Cecil Beaton and his part in designing sets and costumes for famous films like My Fair Lady.

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means most to you and why?
I like the personal touch that comes with the Beatons service, and the fact that the team genuinely put the customer first. I also love how everyone is so close with each other in the team. I feel this is something rare in an establishment like this and makes the whole experience more fulfilling.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
I would like to be a house cat, they have a pretty easy time of it!

#beatonstearooms: Our Post Mother's Day Thank You

Thank you and well done everyone who treated your mum to a special afternoon tea at Beatons! 

Every year we take a lot of Mothers' Day bookings in our Tearooms, and enjoy the atmosphere of familial love which fills each of them. We feel privileged to be able to be a part of serving up your gratitude, along with serving bubbly, tea, cake, scones and sandwiches of course!

We hope we exceeded your expectations, in fact we know many of you find it hard to finish everything on those three tiers of deliciousness! Consider skipping lunch next time, although  we're always happy to box the scones and cakes up for you to take home.

Here's some of the feedback comments we received, please add your own to Trip Advisor or Google Reviews for the tearooms you visited....

'Booked this as an early mothers day treat for my mum and grandma. Only booked 24 hours in advance but, by all accounts, was lucky to get in so book early!
Really really lovely tea. Linen table clothes and napkins with china tea cups. The table was all laid ready for us. So much food we struggled to eat it all. Sandwiches and scones obviously freshly made. My grandma has very high standards in terms of scones and she was very impressed!
Would highly recommend for a lovely treat.'

'Lovely & clean tearooms with friendly and attentive staff! Food was delicious, I thoroughly enjoyed my Mothers Day treat there yesterday. I will visit again and would certainly recommend.'

'Amazing customer service & great Mothers Day afternoon tea!
We had a brilliant time at Beatons in Tisbury. We booked a table for afternoon tea for mothers day and turned up early. This wasn't any trouble for the staff. 
We sat down and leisurely enjoyed our sandwiches, cakes, scones - there was plentiful of it, with additional teas/coffees. We left full, and with a doggy bag! 
Would go back and recommend. Thanks for a lovely Mothering Sunday.'

#tea: the liquid lullaby and immune booster

What is it? Chamomile 

Brew a cup of fragrant chamomile tea to enjoy many chamomile tea benefits! This herbal tea is said to ease insomnia, boost your immune system, banish menstrual cramps, and much, much more.
Chamomile - which can also be spelled 'camomile' - is a daisy-like herb renowned in folk and traditional medicine for its health, cosmetic, and nutritional benefits.

Chamomile's a sleepy child
Soothing, sweet and rather mild
And in her fragrance gives us rest
So we may make the night our guest.

This tea is delicious as it comes, or with a little honey, it’s also beautifully refreshing as an iced tea for those warmer days.
The perfect tea to accompany a lazy afternoon in our Tearooms, perhaps whilst browsing our books or reading the latest Beatons Bulletin!

#behindthescenes: H is for...Gracious Hospitality

We use this expression frequently in our Tearooms to sum up the service that we want to provide, but what exactly do we mean?

Gracious: pleasantly kind, benevolent, and courteous, characterised by good taste, comfort, ease, or luxury.
Hospitality: the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

Our aim at Beatons is to offer gracious hospitality toward all of our customers, to behave in a warm, sincere and gracious manner. We'd love all of our customers to sense our desire to serve and understand their individual needs, in order to deliver a level of service which exceeds their expectations.

Some of the ways we achieve this are by greeting each of our customers as they come through our doors and by being attentive to their needs in a gracious manner. Part of our ethos at Beatons is to create an atmosphere where all can feel relaxed, cosy and have time to stop and take a moment out of the rush of demanding days.

We want to encourage you to slow down and really take time to pause, reflect and restore from the moment you put your foot in the door!
Take a look online at our blog post entitled, ‘the secret of slow’ to find out how part of us providing gracious hospitality links with slowing things down. The Secret of Slow