#Blandford: Open House Launch Review

© Jodie Whyte Photography   David Bamber Winner
It was the morning when many were nursing post-works-Christmas-Party-hangovers (including our team!)  and the rest were off Christmas shopping so our numbers were few - but we made up for it in Quality...

... not least in the shape of Anna Birch, Dorset's most famous vet, who was signing copies of her book 'Call the Vet' and guest - and also local author - Jennie Rake. Jennie won a signed copy of 'Distinguished Leaves: poems for tea-lovers' by yours truly for being the closest to remembering what time the Great Fire of Blandford in 1731 re-ignited, prompted by David Bamber's winning poem from our Poetry Competition about the fire.

David read an extremely pertinent poem entitled 'Tea for Two' - hot off the press - but I'm sure he would agree with me that he co-starred with the carrot cake which everyone assembled wolfed down.

Photographer Jodie Whyte took some great photographs for Arkadia Magazine - and kindly gave us
© Jodie Whyte Photography   Beatons Blandford
these to share.

We look forward to stocking Jennie Rake's books, and seeing more book-lovers and writers at our next event.

Our signature carrot cake? You can enjoy that every day!

Liz Darcy Jones