#beatonsbod: Tisbury's Jaguar, Jess!

Jess - now a fully trained cook at Beatons Tisbury!

What's your role and what do you like best about your job?
Hello I'm Jess and and was an apprentice cook at Beatons in Tisbury (now qualified). I’m so excited to be able to work and learn in such a friendly encouraging place. It’s a great opportunity to learn a diverse range of skills and master cooking so many diļ¬€erent delicious dishes!

What's you’re favorite drink or edible from our menu?
I really love the ‘Alex’ to drink, it looks so prey with its varying colors and the taste of Passion fruit with Blood Orange works really well. I am making my way through all of the specials on our menu, and I really can’t decide on which my favorite thing to eat is it yet, although all the salads during the summer were delicious.

And how about your favorite book from our shelves?
I’m really pleased that we are now stocking all of the Man Booker Prize books, it’s a great way to keep up with the latest great reads of our me, which I probably wouldn’t have found me to look up!

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means most to you and why?
I love the fact that whatever we send out of the kitchen has to be presented with ‘sparkle’, and obviously made with great care so that it all tastes great.

If you were an animal, bird or creeping creature what would you be and why?
I think that due to my love of speed I would say a Jaguar, born to be wild!

What - outside work - makes your skin tingle?
It could be a dream, activity (printable!) or piece of music! I absolutely love to go to theme parks, I’m a bit of a thrill seeker! And of course water parks are great, whilst the weather is sunny….

Can you share a practical tip from the kitchen for our Bulletin readers?
My practical tip in the kitchen is DON'T use oil in the water when cooking pasta, it will stop sauces from sticking to the pasta when cooked and prevent making it extra tasty!