#tea: benefits which are more than skin deep!

I'm not usually a fan of fruit teas (sometimes I find them a little insipid or too sweet). Not so this tea - Strawberry and Kiwi. It's got a lot more to it than just strawberry and kiwi pieces: add in apple, rosehips and Hibiscus petals to make it the perfect choice for those who are looking for a healthy tea to make their skin glow and even lower high blood pressure or cholesterol!

It also tastes really fruity. The sweetness of the strawberry and rosehip is offset by the distinctive slightly tart flavour of the Hibiscus petals.

It's never too early to try an iced tea!

As for health benefits?

What better tea than this for your skin? It's packed full of vitamins C and A - great for skin. Hibiscus is also reputed to add to the skin's elasticity, and kiwi fruits have a rare fat free form of vitamin E in their make up...

For the growing number of customers who are looking to eat healthily as well as indulgently, this tea will be a perfect match for items on our 'Elegant Options'  menu. What is it? We're talking Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, High Protein/Low Carb and Vegan adaptations of some of our favourite current menu items.

Makes life sound like a bowl of... strawberries, doesn't it?

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