Unforgettable Reviewers Afternoon Tea

Front of House Beatons New Milton
Andrea (left) did us proud!
The tea was unforgettably delicious and the company  so good that your House Poet utterly forgot her duties and didn't take any photographs!
Ben, who’s probably best described as Head of Food Design from ‘Beatons Central’ presented almost every cake our tearooms offer, and as always, the lightness of the scones got a special mention [its one of those secret recipes.]
Angela and I thank Gary and Sally Prince, Alan and Jean Watson and Neil and Betty Tungate for being so appreciative and diving into the tea experience – especially Alan who tasted his first ‘Dong Ding’ oolong (and is not normally a tea drinker!)
Andrea did a beautiful job of looking after everyone and we definitely did prove one thing – great engagement isn’t about having a mobile device in your hand!

However, if you're reading this you may well be wondering what a Beatons Afternoon Tea does look like? Well here's the best image we can rustle up.

Do you know you can have the full Afternoon Tea experience at Beatons New Milton (and all our other tearooms) on a Sunday Afternoon?  It's the very best time to relax and restore for the week ahead. Best to book and then all this 'could be yours...'

Liz Darcy Jones, House Poet and Definitely Not House Photographer!