Tea of The Month: Delicate with a strong body

Tea of The Month 

What is it?

Jasmine Blossom 

This green tea has all the flavor, aroma and great qualities you would expect from one of the most highly prized teas in China. The secret is high quality green tea and fine Jasmine Blossoms which only bloom in May when they produce the most intense aroma. For such a delicate tea is still has a surprisingly strong body which finished with a refreshing and quite special floral flavour. 

''Jasmine travels round your mouth before she takes your taste-buds south and makes your senses gently glow in places only you would know.

Velvet tea for Grown Up Girls whose conversation slowly swirls and turns into a nom de plume for Jasmine's full and rich perfume''

Jasmine Blossom - a heavenly scented green tea which dances on your palate and will make you feel renewed and uplifted through and through! 

Why don't you come on in to one of the tearooms to give this delicious tea a try?