T is for Harry!

Harry - ugh? Yes. ‘T’ − or rather ‘Tea’ − is for Harry McGookin, Manager of Beatons Tisbury who has been with the group from the start and who is now Beatons Group Tea Ambassador. Harry jumped at the opportunity to augment his knowledge and take on this additional role. He has travelled the length and breadth of the country to learn more about the world’s favourite beverage.

Now steeped (!) in the finer points of the art of tea, expect to see Tea Tastings as a new ‘extra−curricular’ event in your local Beatons. Harry looks forward to sharing with you ‘a wonderful world of flavour, culture and nature!’ (tea expert Tim D’Offay).

Harry is already used to delivering ‘mini−tastings’ to our FBOs (Franchise Business Owners). At the end of their first training session at ‘Beatons Central’, our head office, a pleasurable end to the day is to pop down to the Tisbury tearooms to choose their tearooms’ house blend. 

You might think this is a tricky challenge given we have over thirty teas to choose from! However, one or other particular tea always seems to ‘speak’ personally to the future tearooms owner and say,
Always shy - but proud Tea Ambassador
‘I’m yours’. Why? Sometimes because of the name, as it was for Steve and Elaine in Chester who were amazed to find there was a tea called ‘Dong Ding’ – perfect for their tearooms sitting next door to Chester Cathedral’s Bell Tower. Or it might be the taste, as it was for Fifi in Petersfield who chose ‘The Duchess Earl Grey’ after recognising the unique taste of the lemon pieces, an everyday ingredient in Persian cooking and reminding her of her roots.

As you’d expect, our tearooms owners and their teams enjoy full training in the art of tea – ‘Camellia Sinsensis’ −  before their tearooms even open for business. You may not be aware, but not only does the amount of time which your tea needs to brew to perfection differ from blend to blend, but the water temperature is important as well.

Tea Tips! White and green teas don’t like their water boiling fast, unlike black teas which prefer it. So if you’ve ever brewed green tea at home and found it bitter, it’s probably nothing to do with the tea and everything with the water being too hot!

What would you choose as your favourite Beatons blend? Remember our Tea of the Month costs a little less too.

Why not tickle your tea taste-buds with something new?