#Crowthorne: Work is cracking on in Crowthorne!

The work is underway in Crowthorne Beatons Tearooms and here's a sneak peak at what's going on inside...

We're delighted to be in the middle of this new project which we guaran-tea will please all tea fanatics and book lovers in the local area.

We look forward to building new relationships with the lovely local people in Crowthorne and beyond. Our aspiration is always to deliver gracious hospitality, generous value and give you a restorative experience. 
This will be our fourth Beatons to open and we're confident that it will provide the same delightful haven for people to relax (enjoy delicious treats!) and be as popular as our Beatons in Tisbury, Blandford and Chester.

A massive thank you for all the hard work from franchisee, Paul Mitchell and his team so far.

There's still a fair bit of painting to finish off and of course make sure that the kitchen is all fitted, up and running, and ready for service. There are shelves to stock with our fantastic range of over 25 teas, coffee machines to position and get hooked up, tables and chairs to assemble and the all important cake boards to fill!

Here at 'Beatons Central' (our HQ) we're eagerly anticipating the opening of what we believe will be Berkshire's best tearoom and bookshop. From comments already received via twitter, we know you're as eager as we are!

When are you opening? is the question on everybody's lips. We want to ensure everything's 'just so' and this is never an exact science, but within the next ten days we promise!
Beatons Central