#tea : for writer's block and staying awake!

What is it?  Gunpowder Green

Gunpowder, a delicious, cleansing loose leaf organic Chinese green tea with a hint of bitterness is a powerful beast!

Gunpowder Tea is a classic green tea from China - one of the first styles of tea that floated back from China way back in the 1600s. Rolled into dark green balls it was reminiscent of explosives, hence the name.

A tea naturally high in antioxidants, it cleanses and is said to increase your metabolism so those looking to lose weight may feel inclined to try...

And according to House Poet and Tea Poet, Liz Darcy Jones
 'this tea stalks sleep in snakeskin shoes
  busts writer's block and online blues.'
Perhaps it will get a few pens scratching!