#beatonstearooms: winter weight loss suggestions!

The Christmas treats and News Year's drinks have come and oh how so quickly they've gone...now we are all thinking of the healthy 'new me!'

This doesn't mean that you can't still come in and let us indulge you - we have quite a number of healthy, delicious and guilt free options on our menu. And remember, at the heart of Beatons' ethos is delivering a 'restorative experience' so treat everything around you as 'eye candy' and eat slowly, sip little by little, enjoying every mouthful - you'll find you will feel more satisfied. And here are some ideas to whet your appetite in a healthy way.

Our stews, wholesome and healthy, served with freshly cooked vegetables, like green beans and new potatoes.

Our Jackets, with a huge choice of fillings served with a lovely fresh side salad. (don't forget if you are being very self disciplined you can ask us to omit the butter for you!

Our soups, freshly made, full of healthy vegetables and packed with flavour, sure to fill you up and keep you going!

But what for a sweet treat? Here's the clever bit... take a careful look at our loose leaf tea menu (remember you get a lovely large pot so you can have at least a second cup) and pick one of our fruit or light teas. Not only do they have almost zero calories, but most are filled with anti-oxidants AND some of them are said to increase and enhance weight loss! In particular, any of our green teas - which taste sweet because we don't boil the water too hot so it keeps its sweetness - are a good weight loss option.