Seasonal Changes at Beatons

Menus and market research go hand in hand here at Beatons. Hopefully they create that ‘Mmm’ which means delicious! We thought we’d give you a bit of insight as to what and who is behind our menus this month. Last month we gave you a glimpse into some upcoming menu changes and we’re pleased to say that they have arrived and are full of flavour. The brains (and the brawn when it comes to mixing quantities of scone dough or preparing meat) behind our menu changes is Ben.

Ben – our highly trained chef who loves the challenge of producing hot and cold canapés for a hundred people at our launch soirées – is at the heart of menu selection and creation. He draws on ideas from outside and within the tearooms, some of them from you! You’re always welcome to add suggestions and comments at the bottom of our feedback cards. We read every one and suggestions are given back to Ben ready for when he considers the next set of seasonal changes.

Our central team also contribute, as well as our growing number of Franchisees. Naturally, all the Beatons Central team – Ben in particular - are on the look-out for new developments and inspiration externally.

If Ben thinks he's found something, he’ll then apply his creativity to give the dish a dash of Beatons originality. After that? It’s trialling, recipe writing, and testing, testing, testing!

So, what new additions do we have to our menu this month? 

You’ll notice we are now serving our breakfast as brunch and you are now able to enjoy it until the later time of 11:30am! 

Firstly we have our granola bowl — Greek yoghurt topped with granola, fresh fruit, chia seeds and a drizzle of honey. A delicious bowl with which you start your day. Next we have the addition of our waffles and pancakes, all available with one of three different toppings: American (two slices of bacon and maple syrup), fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries, Greek yoghurt and chocolate sauce) and Banoffee (banana, Belgian chocolate chips, Greek yoghurt and toffee sauce). Finally, we have our ‘Beatons Baked Beans’. Ben has created a delicious three bean recipe that we know you’ll love, served on toast. 

Autumn calls for warm, comfort foods but this doesn't mean it should lacking in flavour. Ben has created some amazing dishes that will keep you warm over the colder months!

Our first addition is our Lamb Hotpot, served with green beans and crusty sourdough, perfect for those chilly days. Next we have a Three Bean Salad, served with roasted vegetables, basil pesto and Greek feta— a light lunch that will still keep you full and satisfied. A firm favourite on our menu was our Mushroom Risotto, however with the change of seasons and new produce available, we have replaced it with a warming  Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto! Our risotto is also gluten-free and vegan friendly. Finally, we have a Ham Hock Terrine with spicy tomato chutney, toasted sourdough bread and fresh salad. 

Don’t worry, we still have our classic rarebits, croques, sandwiches and jacket potatoes on our menu, but there are some additions  there that we think you’ll love - so keep an eye out!

You can let us know what you think of our new menu items by filling out our feedback cards.