Mother's Day, the Beatons Way

Being a mother is a job like no other job in the world; a job where it never ends and where motivation is fuelled purely by unconditional love and not reward. People say you’ll never be able to describe the feeling of being a parent until you are one, and that no matter how many books you’ve read and how prepared you think you are, this is a role that you will be forever learning from. 

As Mother’s Day approaches, we tend to remember all the things they’ve done for us throughout our lives, without us even noticing. Mother’s put us first quietly and discreetly, say when they let us have the last slice of cake even though they really wanted it, yet don’t make a fuss or drove us to the cinema to see our friends, when they should have been with theirs.  They look out for us, they guide us, and they teach us; they are the ones who will stay strong when you don’t know how to and will be in your corner even when you don’t know they’re there.

It’s easy to live your life without taking real notice of the little moments you share with your mother; the small inside jokes and the knowing looks you share, but when we reflect to the major moments in our lives, we always seem to have a constant, our mothers, no matter who that is to you.

Mothers come in many forms, from those looking after lots of young children who may get a gift of some daffodils and a home-made card over a questionable breakfast in bed, right through to the dignified Matriarchs we occasionally see in a Beatons, maybe more likely to be treated to a High Tea by grown up families!

 But what makes this time of the year so special is that whatever their age, it’s that one day of the year when the children are all allowed to be proud of their Mum.

While reading this I suspect you have thought about your own mother and the times you’ve spent together or perhaps have noticed the mothers currently in the tearoom and with Mother’s Day creeping around the corner one can often find themselves thinking what should we do to celebrate or what present should I buy? But I believe that while the materialistic aspects are nice, they detract from what the purpose and the intent of the day really is - remembering and cherishing your loved one.

With materialistic items so easy to reach nowadays, I feel the thoughtfulness behind the gift vanishes. Of course, yes, it's lovely to receive something but if it wasn't given with love and care, is it as special? For me, time is something that is very underrated. Spending quality time with a loved one and giving them your undivided attention says more about how you care for them, than a generic gift that they may never use – something our mothers have been doing our entire lives. Mother’s Day should be a day where you take the time to remember and cherish all the things about your loved one. With day-to-day life it's very easy to forget about the people closest to you and what they bring to your life. Take this day and every other day to treat them, make them feel special and just be with them. The gift of time creates memories, it creates a bond between people and whether you are spending it at home watching the telly, playing a game or even visiting one of our tearooms, the memories created will leave a far stronger mark in your loved one's mind, than anything else.

On Mothering Sunday, at our Tisbury and Blandford locations we will be exclusively serving Afternoon High Teas from 12pm onwards for you to spend quality time with your mother and create memories that’ll last a life time (booking is recommended).

                                                                                                 Emily Hoskins Jones, Engagement Quartermaster