Tea of The Month: Winter Mulled Spice

Our tea of the month is always a little easier on your purse and usually has great health benefits.

What is it?
Winter Mulled Spice

If Christmas could be captured in one warm Beatons blend, Winter Mulled Spice is it!

Black tea and the scent of clove,
Warming and tempting sit by the stove,
Enjoy this restorative spice black tea, 
That tells you it’s time to feel all Christmassy!

This flavoured black tea comes from the mountains of Sri Lanka and Vietnam. It’s festive tones come from the cinnamon and cloves, subtly blended to give a warming robust tea to revive and restore. A perfect choice for cold winter days, perhaps unsurprisingly, we’ve discovered it goes well with poultry. It’s also a great accompaniment to Afternoon Tea, and our lemon polenta cake, so we invite you to enjoy a pot and let it infuse you with inspiration for your Christmas shopping.

                                                                                                                                          Emily Hoskins Jones                                                                                                                                     Engagement Quartermaster