Meet November's Beatons Bod...Holly!

Each month we dedicate a section of our monthly Bulletin to a new member of staff, our Beatons Bod. We like to do this as it introduces them to you, our customers and we all get to find out a bit more about them. This months Beatons Bod, is Holly a new member of the team in our Blandford location. 

Beatons ‘Bod’ for November

What's your role and what do you like best about your job?
I am a waitress and I love to make people happy. I enjoy learning to make cups of coffee and all the different teas. I also enjoy the rest of the team I work with. I believe we all work well together and get along, so that makes the day and service run better.

What's your favourite drink or edible from our menu?
My favourite drink is an iced latte, and the prawn mayo sandwiches are the best!

And how about your favourite book from our shelves?  
The King’s Panto is my favourite book because my young daughter loves it very much.

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means the most you and why?
I like the way customers are treated with lots of thought and respect. They come first and I love seeing them smile because we gave them good service. 

Finally, if you were an animal, what would you be?  
I would be a kitten, cute, fluffy and friendly.   

                                                                                                                  Emily Hoskins Jones
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