Beatons New Milton - An Afternoon With Wizzy!


As you may remember, during August we took on the mission of busting boredom for the summer holidays. Across Beatons we hosted several children's book events with many wonderful authors. Here at New Milton, we had Beatons Book Ambassador, Liz Darcy Jones join us for a fun-filled story telling session of 'Wizzy and The Seaside Adventure' by local author Anthony Ridgeway and local artist Suzan Houching. Well, on Wednesday 24th October they will be visiting us themselves for another story-telling, signing and talk!

'Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure' is about Dan, who has a rather strange friend - Wizzy! He's a highly opinionated and automated wheelchair who is more than the sum of his parts. Together friends, James and Sophie he and Dan (not forgetting Honey the labrador for some four-legged intelligence) a thrilling seaside adventure unfolds. Perfect for ages five to eight, we'll also have activity sheets and colouring pencils (not just for the children!).

‘Are you sitting comfortably?’  All you'll need to do is your drinks, cakes and ‘Knights & Ladies’ treats and enjoy; we'll take care of the rest! 

The event starts at 4pm and tickets cost £2. All money made from tickets is being donated to local charity, Mencap Gateway Club, New Forest; an organisation dedicated on being the voice for learning disabilities in the New Forest. Tickets are available in the tearoom!

You can find out more about the Anthony and Suzan, and how Wizzy came to be on our Hampshire Authors page here

                                                                                             - Emily Hoskins Jones, Engagement Quartermaster