Boredom Busting Beatons

Rachel with her latest book
'Milo Goes To The Seaside'and Milo himself
In last month’s bulletin you may have seen that we aimed to bust boredom this summer holidays by hosting several children’s story-telling events across our tearooms.

With authors Rachel Jane visiting us with her book ‘Milo Goes to the Seaside’ in Beatons Petersfield, Crowthorne and Tisbury (where she even brought Milo himself!), Tony Flannagan coming to Petersfield with ‘Runaway Tales with Mozzarella Bella and Spoon’ and Beatons Book Ambassador Liz Darcy Jones reading ‘Wizzy and the Seaside Adventure’ by local author and artist Anthony Ridgway and Suzan Houching at Beatons New Milton (you'll have to wait a little longer to meet them but it’s definitely worth it), we can safely say we did it!

Each event saw children captivated by Rachel, Tony and Anthony’s stories, taking them to another world where VW Campervans are talking, spoons are running away and how a boy named Dan and his highly opinionated and automated wheelchair Wizzy go on various thrilling adventures! With the little help of our new Children’s activity sheets and some tea and cake, each child that entered left with a great big smile on their face – especially when they realised they would get to meet Milo the Campervan himself – many thanks to Rachel for bringing him and allowing the children to go inside!

Though we’d love to share all the glorious details with you about our children’s events, we think it’s best to keep it a special surprise for you all. We’d very much like to thank Rachel and Tony for coming to visit our tearooms as it was such a pleasure to work with you both on these events and look forward to working with you both in the future.

The wonderful thing about books and story-telling is that they are universal; whether you are eight or eighty, creativity translates itself and lights a spark in everyone’s mind.

For more information about events we host in our tearooms, please see our events section in the Bulletin or visit our blog for full details. And if you are a local author and would like to have a book event in one of our tearooms, please do not hesitate to get in touch – we’d very much like to hear from you!

                                                                                      Emily Hoskins Jones, Engagement Quartermaster