#beatonstearooms: P is for PEARL...

Christmas is the time when we probably should be giving you a feature full of present ideas but we thought we’d give you something different and feed your inner inspiration here.

Something we, at Beatons, believe is even more precious.

It’s a pearl.

When you’re being ‘PEARL’ Present Engaged And Really Listening – you give the person you’re with a rare and special gift: your attention.

This ‘PEARL’ has a soft lustre which attracts admirers without doing anything. Your companions see their own beauty reflected in your eyes, full of deep listening.  They feel heard in a different way.


It’s the non-judgemental nature of communicating when we’re being ‘PEARL’. We simply leave the moment with all its judgements and history behind us where it belongs, and the moment ahead of us for when it comes (granted it doesn’t always seem easy!)

But when we accept the moment is full enough and attend solely to it, to how we really feel, to the child pulling on our arms, the parcel to be wrapped, the creamy froth of a hot chocolate to be sipped – then the pearl is in the palm of our hand.

It would be easy to perpetuate the myth that the festive season is getting ever more stressful and demands on our time more acute. But is that true? We have supermarkets which deliver to our doorstep, cars which drive like a dream and – I think – there’s a greater appreciation for spending time in quiet contemplation, in making things together, singing together, giving together. We’d like each of our customers to receive the gift of us being ‘PEARL’ for them, especially over Christmas. Can we ask you to pass ‘the present’ on?

Wishing all our customers a peaceful and restorative Christmas and Happy New Year.

Liz, on behalf of Patrick and every member of the Beatons family