#beatonstearooms: The Secret of Slow

Every now and again we refresh this hugely popular post which was first published in March 2016 - as it seems to touch people where they are in a restorative way... 

Part of our ethos is to create an atmosphere where you feel relaxed, cosy and have time to 'stop and stare'. We want to encourage you to slow down and really take time to pause, reflect and restore from the moment you put your foot in the door. This post explains why we love 'The Secret of Slow'!

On the Beatons' side of the counter, we notice these benefits: it makes us more attentive, and - especially when we're busy - it avoids mistakes. In fact we've sometimes have to remind ourselves to go even slower when we're 'crazy busy' so we maintain the atmosphere of calm which we know you particularly value. 

However, especially walking in from the 'hustle and bustle of the High Street', we also know it takes a minute or two to 'readjust' to 'slow time'!  Here are our three suggestions to make it easier:
  1. Engage all your senses breathe in a big sigh of relief and let your shoulders drop as you walk in the door as we greet you. Consider switching your mobile phone OFF (!) engaging all your senses while you wait for us to bring you the menu... 

  2. Pick a slow-me-down, pick-me-up stress-relieving tea as you carefully peruse the list of teas on our table spinners. Our green loose-leaf teas or a calming rooibos would be perfect choices. Or surprise yourself and order something different?

  3. Discover the joy of waiting and Thrive! American novelist Nicholson Baker says, ' What was the very best moment of your day? … Often, it’s a moment when you’re waiting for someone...' We love this quote. We also love where it comes from, 'Thrive' which is the ultimate guide to relieving the pressures of this fast-moving, screen based world we seem to live in. We try and keep Thrive in stock at all time and you can find a review on our book blog here: It's Arianna Huffington's 'Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Happier Life' by Ebury Publishing

Take a breath now and enjoy a moment of slow on us!  Paradoxically, you'll find you get more done in less time. 

House Poet and 'Slow Pro'