#beatonstearooms: what's it like to own one?

A picture paints a thousand words, so a video probably paints a million! Our Franchise Business Owners are creating their own legacy of memories - aside from their successful enterprises.

Apart from the possibility of making your dream of owning a tearooms a reality, the biggest return isn't something we can put into words. It's the feeling of pride which comes from walking into your Beatons and seeing what you've created... watch the video and see what that might be like...

Here are a few other benefits to help you judge whether you being a Beatons franchise might be right for you:
  • Affordable Option - deliberately low initial franchise fee Compared to other franchises in the hospitality and food sector - and indeed the cost of setting up your own tearoom from scratch - Beatons is an affordable option with a manageable initial franchise licence fee.

  • Security - support at every stage  We take great care in ensuring you're right for us and we're right for you, so our selection process gives us both plenty of time to ensure you feel comfortable and clear before deciding to go ahead.

    And right from the outset - from finding the perfect location to full training, working with you to organise your grand launch party and as you grow - our experienced team guides and supports. We know what works - and how to get everyone talking about the best new tearooms in town!
  • Expertise and a Sense of Belonging  By becoming part of the Beatons group you have all the back up of proven systems, brand strength, and both marketing and operational expertise with the pride of knowing your Beatons is part of a group founded on sound values and delivering 'gracious hospitality' to your local community.
If this has aroused your curiosity, why not take the next step and request a Franchise Prospectus? Call Samantha, our Franchise Manager on 01747 871819 or fill in our Franchise Enquiry form, link here.