#beatonstearooms: Elegant Option for the vegan, gluten and dairy-free

Kelsey enjoys seeing a guest enjoying
our Gluten Free delights at the Soiree
to launch Beatons Elegant Options Menu
Our Elegant Options menu is available in all tearooms. See how we're honouring those who have special dietary preferences below - even the protein rich/low carb lovers...

A special 'elegant options' menu has launched at Beatons Blandford at a SoirĂ©e celebrating the Queen's Birthday to meet our customers' 'dietary desires! It adapts as many items from our classic tearoom menus for those with medical or dietary preferences. Included is the  '3G' - our Gracious & Gloriously Gluten Free High Tea.

We've been listening, then concocting and testing in the kitchen in order to serve our gluten-free, dairy-free, protein rich/low carb, vegan and vegetarian customers... almost all our most popular dishes are accessible one way or another although we have drawn the line at sugar-free cakes!  We've also added a few new items to all our menus which Ben - who's in charge of new recipe creation - came up with during this exercise.

So what can you expect to tickle your taste-buds?

Well, we think the Queen - who prefers a protein rich/low carb diet - would enjoy our Prawn & Crushed Avocado or Chicken Caesar Wrap. And Beatons' #tweetmistress (who's blogging this) is relishing being able to enjoy the range of Irresistible GF Rarebits.

We'd recommend 'Cream Free' Scrambled Eggs with 'No Butter' Sausages and Bacon for our dairy-free 'breakfasters'. In fact Breakfast at Beatons has just become a really restorative experience whatever your dietary desires. And we know two gluten-free members of the Beatons team are already relishing being able to enjoy all but one of our  Irresistible GF Rarebits (Worcestershire Sauce and ale include gluten so sadly we can't include our cheesy Rarebit).

For best enjoyment make a date with your diary from 16th May and invite yourself and any of your gluten free, dairy free, Vegan or Vegetarian friends to come in and indulge.

Beatons Central

P.S. Don't forget when it comes to Afternoon High Tea you can always book to be sure of a table then it will be laid up waiting for you. It would also help us prepare for you if you let us know if you're going to try the '3G' so we can start the delicate GF scone baking process ready for your arrival!