#Blandford: Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration

Happy faces getting ready to sing
The Tables Are Laid at a Blandford Tea Palace
We know it was a bit tricky for our guests to hear all the lyrics of our song for The Queen on her real birthday - clinking glasses and whispers from the back! We thought we'd put them up for you to enjoy reading (or singing in your head!).  For the full story of our Celebration Soirée click here.

With thanks to Sam Ryall (keyboards) and Rebecca Hollands (Principal) Blandford's Performing Arts Theatre Academy.

'The Tables Are Laid at a Blandford Tea Palace'

The tables are laid at a Blandford tea palace'
To honor a monarch like A A Milne's Alice
Meet sweet Dorset ladies who are ninety years young
And others whose lives have barely begun... at this palace

Tea's being served at this elegant palace
'They've portraits of royalty too', whispers Alice
'I'd love to be photographed what do you think?
Then framed and hung against deep fushia pink' ... in this palace

The Signals are marching down to this palace
We bet there's a Christopher, Robin and Alice
For Beatons has food for the military
And options that even include gluten-free! ... at its palace

Everyone cheer and raise your glass chalice
Wish The Queen many more years in her palace!
Then lashings of tea and jam, cake and scones
Celebrate those who've reached ninety milestones... at this palace...
at this palace... at this palace...

© Liz Darcy Jones