Promoting within the localitea... rewarding our in-house talent

Ben Moxom - now Manager of Beatons
Blandford and Beatons Tisbury
In keeping with Beatons ethos of developing the skills of its in-house team, we've just made some promotions into management to retain and reward the core team as we expand [link to job vacancies here!]

Blandford's Ben Moxom, is now Manager of both Beatons Blandford and Beatons Tisbury so that's why you may not have seen so much of Ben at Blandford over the past few weeks.

Harry McGookin
Now Assistant Manager
Beatons Tisbury
Harry McGookin from Tisbury, has been with the group since the start. He's also an investor in Beatons Blandford, and has been promoted to Asssistant Manager at Beatons Tisbury. He's also a whiz at testing our new recipes and seeing what passes muster and what doesn't!

Liz Darcy Jones, is carving out some time to complete her next volume in the 'Distinguished Leaves' series so steps down as Director of Engagement so we're bringing more of the admin side of the 'marcoms' in-house. However, she's still involved - as our Creative Consultant - and loves being an objective sounding board when it comes to new marketing initiatives. Of course, Liz is also still 'the tweep behind the tweets' on Blandford and Tisbury's twitter accounts: #beatonsblandford and #beatonstisbury.

Both Ben and Harry have also expanded their responsibilities to support the franchising side of the business, ensuring franchisees have access to expert advice from people with practical 'on the ground' experience.

Patrick is delighted to promote from within - and use the pool of talent in Dorset and Wiltshire. He commented to the press: 
'The Beatons' ethos of recognising, appreciating and cultivating individual skills brings benefits to all concerned - maintaining motivation, growing esprit de corps within the group and making financial sense too. We are always keen to hear from people who aspire to carving out a career in what we believe is a great and highly skilled profession - delivering 'gracious hospitality' and a restorative experience over books, tea and cake!' 
We're always keen to hear from anyone thinking of making a career within the service profession and offer outstanding training and self-development opportunities within the Beatons group... [I know - I've had the joy of being on the receiving end!] Here's a link which will take you to our current vacancies

Posted by Zoe