W is for Wonder...

Wonder. It stops us in our tracks. Perhaps it’s a new twist on a taste, the delight of seeing  something familiar presented in a fresh way or the silence of a summer night sky.
Wonder is quiet but begs to be shared. Then, with a pinch of ‘pixie dust’ it expands into ‘wonder-full’! Have you ever experienced that magical moment of sharing ‘wonder’?

Creating wonderful new dishes is at the heart of our new Summer Menu Makeover. The menus themselves are also a little more elegantly presented so you’ll find them easier on the eye.

But no matter how descriptive my words, they pale against the taste experience! It’s the difference between a Facebook like and feeling an arm gently pop round your shoulders… Consequently, all I’m going to do is point you to a few of our new menu ‘day stars’:

·         At Breakfast
- The Beatons Breakfast Restorative delivers a sun-kissed satisfying start with Chorizo and Potato Gratin with poached eggs, red peppers, spinach and onion

- wholesome Sourdough Toast plays host to crushed avocado and a grilled tomato, topped with a poached egg (my favourite superfoods)

·        Linger Over Lunch with a Friend
- Twin stars are our new Sharing Platters, whether you want a taste of the sea with Smoked Mackerel Pâté, ‘Marie Rose’ Prawns and Smoked Salmon or a moon of Garlic and Rosemary Baked Camembert with caramelized chutney.

- Our not-just-for-vegans star is a Mushroom Risotto oozing depth and richness with an indulgent drizzle of truffle oil

- Forget cooking in the evening! Bring along your husband or partner and tuck into our new Lasagne with Garlic Bread.

·      A Meteor Shower of Goodness in a Glass
The newest non-alcoholic alternative to champagne – Kombucha – arrives to High Street Tearooms via Beatons! Try this sparkling brewed tea, swimming with pro-biotics to rocket-fuel the rest of your day.

And who’s responsible for creating, adapting, testing and ensuring these stars really will satisfy and add sparkle to your day? Food Ambassador and Operations Manager at ‘Beatons Central’ – Ben Moxham (aided by an army of willing tasters!)  Thanks Ben.

Liz Darcy Jones