Inside Job at Beatons New Milton!

Here's a peek behind the scenes at what will be Beatons Tearooms New Milton! We have a great local builder and it's all systems go, although all systems 'snow' did cost us a couple of days... 
Beatons New Milton Builder on Stilts
Did you know builders need circus skills
these days?! 

However, we're still looking at an early to mid-April opening. Look out for details in April's edition of the New Milton Mail, The Bugle and The Mercury as well as details on - both great community assets we've found.  And thanks too, to The Bournemouth Echo for a lovely piece introducing Angela, our Tearooms Owner.

But it's pictures which tell a thousand words - so check out the joys of a Beatons Tearooms shop-fit!

Not a patch of signature Beatons Tearooms Pink to be seen except in this text..

... yet!

Here, Colin our lovely builder and his colleague look at the timeline on Founder, Patrick's, laptop. Serious focus and attentiveness.

We raise a cup of Beatons' brew to them - good strong loose leaf tea - check out what other teas you'll be able to taste here