#Chester: Poems and Pastries start the day!

Chester poetry group was founded by Gill McEvoy and Annie Holland. They're both poets and authors. Annie now runs the group while Gill's moved across the Welsh border to continue her literary adventures.

We love having poetry groups at Beatons because we embrace poetry and verse as part of our brand.

The group started with only five members at first and has gradually grown over the last two years to a present total of 15-17 poets most sessions and still growing.

A subject is chosen by Annie in advance and each poet who attends reads out either their own creation or their favourite poem (written by someone else) on each month’s subject.
A social aspect to the group has now developed with poets staying and chatting with other group members long after the poetry has finished.

The group meet at 9.30am on the first Monday of each month and have a cup of tea or coffee on entry and then after the poetry they have another drink with Beatons freshly baked pastry all for only £6.50.

If you have a Poetry Group in Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire please get in touch with your local Beatons - they'd love to host a regular meeting for you! 

Poetry restores parts other genres cannot reach...