#behindthescenes: H is for...Gracious Hospitality

We use this expression frequently in our Tearooms to sum up the service that we want to provide, but what exactly do we mean?

Gracious: pleasantly kind, benevolent, and courteous, characterised by good taste, comfort, ease, or luxury.
Hospitality: the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

Our aim at Beatons is to offer gracious hospitality toward all of our customers, to behave in a warm, sincere and gracious manner. We'd love all of our customers to sense our desire to serve and understand their individual needs, in order to deliver a level of service which exceeds their expectations.

Some of the ways we achieve this are by greeting each of our customers as they come through our doors and by being attentive to their needs in a gracious manner. Part of our ethos at Beatons is to create an atmosphere where all can feel relaxed, cosy and have time to stop and take a moment out of the rush of demanding days.

We want to encourage you to slow down and really take time to pause, reflect and restore from the moment you put your foot in the door!
Take a look online at our blog post entitled, ‘the secret of slow’ to find out how part of us providing gracious hospitality links with slowing things down. The Secret of Slow