#tea: our No 1 recommendation for health and harmony

What is it?

Herbal harmony
This is a caffeine free, cleansing, herbal infusion with the innumerable health benefits of nettle which include reducing hypertension, inflammation and alleviating asthma symptoms. Liquorice is good for bronchial disorders. As for cardamom? It's used as a breath freshener in India and is known to be great for 'the system'!
A trio of herbs are filling our kettle
Liquorice for chests and that panacea, nettle
Cardamom too - astringent and clean
A harmonious blend - see what we mean?!

What to have it with?
The sweetness of the liquorice and cardamom, balanced with the astringency of the nettle makes this a perfect match for our home-baked cakes. Try it out with our signature carrot cake - which if you haven't tried before - is an absolute must! It's a great digestive after enjoying a light lunch too.