#tea: Subtle, Soft and Sweet and our Founder's Favourite

What is it? Green Cherry Sencha
Beatons Tisbury's house tea, Green Cherry Sencha, is fragrant and sweet. It's also our founder's favourite tea.  If you try it, we think you'll know why. Paying homage to its Japanese roots, here are three haiku:

Like cherry blossomed trees
The Tisbury bunting flutters
in the wind

Rose and cherry petals fragrance
Sencha green -
Japan to your table!

And you our honoured guest
receive our smile
serving well - what we do best

Haiku by Liz Darcy Jones.

Sweet and delicate, 'Sencha' refers to the process of steaming young green tea leaves for about fifteen seconds, sealing in their freshness.

What to have with it?

This is NOT a tea to have with strong flavours since it's simply too subtle. Flavoured with cherry and blended with rose petals, this is a perfect choice to accompany the delicate finger sandwiches of our Afternoon Tea.