#tea: The hot and guilt-free Pina Colada!

What is it?  Malibu Dream

The tastes of coconut, pineapple and rosehip combine to create this holiday-flavoured fruit tea packed with amino acids for optimal protein absorption. Coconut is one of those tooth-friendly foods too - it's full of threonine which not only supports healthy tooth enamel but speeds up wound healing. But putting healthy benefits aside...

This is a tea that's a drink in disguise -
A cocktail, a summer delight for your eyes
A caffeine free mix - a Pina colada
Which steeps you in summer and fuels your ardour!

Ever tried an iced tea? This should be your moment, Malibu Dream delivers an alcohol-free Pina colada to your table - anytime!
Why not try it with a piece of shortbread or Gluten and dairy-free polenta cake to put you in the holiday mood? And don't forget to have a browse on the bookshelves for some equally tasting reading.