#tea: add zest to look at your best!

Beatons Lemon and Lime Green Tea ~ Made for Spring!
What is it?
Lemon and Lime Green Tea - will add some zing to your step and help you lose weight!

It's not only a refreshing Sencha green tea from Hunan Province in China but it becomes more than the sum of its parts - so you can become less than the sum of your parts... It's a real waist-watcher's friend.

A number of studies show that when you add lemon and/or lime the strength of Green Tea increases dramatically. And there's quite a body of research which suggests Green Tea is effective in helping weight loss:

  • The polyphenols help burn fat, and may even block the conversion of calories into fat

  • Green tea also attacks fat because of the amino acid it contains: L-theanine. This calms you down and helps reduce stress-related surges in cortisol which is linked to fat which is stored round the stomach area. So as you de-stress, weight falls off... we literally lighten up! [We know you'll already be relaxed simply by being inside our tearooms, but there's nothing like feeling you're imbibing liquid stress-relief.]
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However, the real extra boost is what happens when you add lemons or citrus to the tea! Research by Purdue University research has found that adding citrus juice or vitamin C to green tea increases the amount of antioxidants available for the body to absorb by more than five times.
March winds may blow
But we'll drink our tea slow
And love that fresh taste
Which reduces our waist!
Let us know what you think of the balance of this sweet green tea balanced with the astringent citrus tang. We love it!