#tea: tea for tooth decay? Okay!

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What is it? Nonsuch BOP

It's a
lso the house blend for Beatons Crowthorne. It's a tea for those who love breakfast and want to care for their teeth.

Nonsuch BOP is a robust black tea from Nilgiris in Southern India.  The 'BOP' at the end has nothing to do with music or hitting someone over the head but stands for 'Broken Orange Pekoe'! As the name suggests, it has a very slightly orange tang which makes it a brilliant breakfast tea, perfect with muffins and croissants from our breakfast menu. 

As for the health benefits of black tea?

We're often reminded that black tea is good for your heart - three or more daily cups of tea can reduce the risk of a stroke (link to research here). We're sometimes told that the polyphenols in black tea are also antioxidants and differ from those found in fruits and vegetables, they're better at blocking DNA damage from toxic substances such as tobacco and chemicals...

... but we're seldom told how black tea can help reduce plaque formation and bacteria growth which promotes cavities and tooth decay! Read more in this article.

It turns out black tea is good for your teeth.

Add to that the calming and de-stressing effects of the amino acid L-theanine in black tea and we think a cup of our Nonsuch BOP first thing will set you off to a very good start. 

What's more, if Nonsuch BOP happens to be our tea of the month it will cost you a little bit less too - another thing to put a smile on your face. 

Liz Darcy Jones