Beatons Crowthorne want to help Alexander Devine build a Berkshire Children's Hospice

As a family man with three young children, it wasn't difficult for me to choose Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service as Beatons Crowthorne 'Communitea Cause' for our first year. 

The charity was set up by Fiona and John Devine, from Windsor, after their extraordinary little boy aged 8, passed away early in 2006 from a rare brain tumour. It's hard to imagine how parents cope with such a situation.  This couple did their own extraordinary thing, they set up a charity and service to support children aged 0-19 with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions in their own homes across Berkshire and the bordering areas of surrounding counties, while maintaining the vision of building a children's hospice in Berkshire.

The charity is currently providing direct care for more than 50 local children in their own homes. They look like a very special team to us.

Founded in 2007, Alexander Devine is now 'only' £1 millon away from raising the £5 million required to meet its capital campaign which will see Berkshire having its own physical children's hospice. 

Building work on the six acre site near Maidenhead, which was donated by benefactor, started in September.

We're really pleased to help Alexander Devine reach its target however we can, and are delighted our Open House Launch Event on Saturday 30th January will support them, as well 50p from sales of each of our two 'communitea cause' drinks throughout the year as soon as we're open. To read more about why we've decided to create this initiative, just click here.

Right now, there's an amazing campaign going on using facebook and twitter called #HugsForHolly @1mhugsforholly and you can donate and read about it here

If you'd like to learn more about Alexander Devine's work just click here

Franchisee, Beatons Crowthorne