#Blandford: Restoration but not yet elegance!

Entries are trickling in to our 'restoration' themed poetry competition. And down in Blandford builders, carpenters and painters are full throttle in their restoration project, racing towards Beatons Blandford opening one day next week.

Not quite ready for china cups, just lots of Beatons Brew!
As you can see from some of our behind the scenes shots, there's still a wee way to go!

At this point I'm going to invoke and change a saying, 'The devil's in the detail.'  

The devil is not in the detail, 'The Deity's in the detail'! Surely? 

Let's change it for the better and hand the detail over to a benevolent being... 'word are pockets of power'.

And talking of detail, we hope you'll enjoy admiring the beautiful old safe barred door when you come in. We're learning more and more about the history of the building (thank you Nicci Brown of Forum Focus and the Civic Society). Did you know that a 'puller of teeth' shared the building with the National Provincial Bank at one point? Fortunately we haven't unearthed any old teeth!

Another lovely story is that the Greyhound has some literary roots. Edward Gibbon (historian of the
There will be light! Painting has started...
Roman Empire), visited it and sat reading Greek and Latin classics (our reading is slightly more light and sparkling!) and Irish playwright John O'Keefe spent a night there with his three children. 

I think there's some food for poets scratching their heads for restoration inspiration here, and we look forward to welcoming you to our Open House on Saturday 13th December at 10 am when you'll be able to hear the winning poems.

In the meantime, remember, 'The Deity's in the detail!' 

Could be useful in the run up to Christmas...