#beatonstearooms: celebrating the poetic form - alphabetagram!

Poetry Competition Awards at Tisbury
in 2014
Here at 'Beatons Central' we believe poetry belongs everywhere, including the business environment.

Every new Beatons Franchise Business Owner is presented with a copy of  'Distinguished Leaves: Poems for tea-lovers' so they can get to know their teas and (possibly for some) discover poetry can actually be fun and inspiring!

They'll also find out first hand how well it goes with tea and cake.

We're always looking out for local poets. One we've unearthed is Wiltshire poet and local solicitor Nigel Brodrick-Barker who is master of the alphabetagram. Nigel created this form and it strikes me as a wonderfully poetic way to encourage children to become word-smiths. My inner alphabet is itching to have a go at one...

And here, having its debut outing, is Nigel's latest offering inspired by Beatons! 
'Appetising Beatons’ cakes delicately evoke favoured good housekeeping. ‘IF’ junior Kiplings languish midst nervous odeon poets quizzically relishing Siam tea, until vespers whisper xenoglossial yarns zanily.'
          © Nigel Brodrick-Barker, used with permission 

Why don't you pop in to your nearest Beatons or a local independent bookshop near you and buy a volume of poetry that catches your eye and simply 'dip in'... 

Remember, poetry is always best in slow small sips.